Offering Summary

Type: Land & Pre-Development

  • Preferred Return – 12% per year
  • Up to 2,000 Class A units at $5,000 per unit
  • Minimum 20 units ($100,000) per investor
  • 6% preferred return is  paid quarterly and remaining 6% is accrued till the end of the project

Net Cash Flow Distribution

Net Cash flow to be distributed in the following order:

  1. Where Proceeds are from a Company
    • Preferred return on capital invested in that company; then
    • Return of capital invested in that company; then
    • Same as general cash flow (see below)
  2. For Cash Flow Generally
    • Accrued but unpaid Preferred return; then
    • Return of capital contributions, until investors are fully repaid;
    • Remaining Net Cash Flow to the Class B Member.

The West Dallas Urban Village, is a multiple-asset-class master plan, programmed to accommodate a variety of income levels, daily necessity tenants and competitively priced Class A and Creative office.

For homeowners, this development offers fee simple homes and condominiums priced for a variety of income levels staring in the mid-$200s up to low $500s.

For the renter, the development offers apartment options ranging from affordable housing to upscale lofts.

The site will include approximately 100,000 square feet of build-to suit office space with significant dedicated and shared amenities for both creative and class A tenants. On the ground levels, the development will target a wide variety of tenants, including a neighborhood store, boutique grocer and a number of small-footprint food and beverage providers.

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Updated: 17 February 2022 | 3:00pm CST

During this time, StoryBuilt’s Dallas team has continued progress on Jolene and achieved significant milestones. We successfully secured target entitlements, including zoning approval from the City of Dallas.

In addition, our Dallas team has also addressed needed environmental remediation on Jolene parcel 3 to prepare the site for development.