StoryBuilt – Class A Corporate Preferred Stock

StoryBuilt is pleased to offer an innovative investment opportunity for institutional and accredited investors for up to $25M in Class A corporate shares. Class A shares are available to accredited investors at $7,500/share with a minimum placement of $50,000 and held for a minimum of three years.

Shareholders are also positioned to participate in any future exit opportunities such as a liquidity event with up to a 25% premium floor.*

  • $50k minimum investment
  • 6% preferred return + profit share
  • Profit share begins upon 1 year anniversary, targeting a 10-12% annualized return thereafter
  • Additional premium floor on exit, up to 25%
  • Total Projected Return 15-20%+*

*subject to liquidity event


Recurring Revenue from Vertically Integrated Property Management:

  • Property & Community Management (3,000 units and growing – Leasing & HOA’s)
  • Property & Customer Services (1,000’s of customers served)
  • Property & Smart Home Technologies (*50,000 units under contract and growing)

Revenues from Development:

  • Management Fees such as Design, Acquisition & Development, Construction, Sales & Marketing
  • Investments such as our GP stake in each Development
  • Net Operating Income from our GP stake in Rental Assets

For full past performance and future forecast information, contact StoryBuilt and refer to the company’s financial model.


StoryBuilt is expanding its activities across more markets and combining property management, services, technology with managing developments, and real estate investing. This requires both institutional capital and individual investment to fund our integrated business plan.

Strategically utilizing institutional capital for the intensive real estate development ‘Project Equity’ bolsters StoryBuilt’s enterprise value and future exit opportunity for its Class A and B investors.

+$1B in funding = $3-4B in pipeline value
Creating a company value of +$2B


Updated: 22 June 2021 | 10:00am CST

StoryBuilt is pleased to report a strong first quarter:

  • The vast majority of our Q1 revenue was from condo developments, which have been selling as well as our detached communities.
  • The company can reasonably forecast three more quarters this year of similar financial performance.
  • Leasing has rebounded at Thornton Flats in Austin and our new commercial spaces are seeing good activity as those developments finish out.
2021 Q1SalesStartsClosings
# of Units871964
OCCUPANCYThornton FlatsEast Austin StorageFrank CommercialWilla Commercial


StoryBuilt is on pace to meet the overall projections presented in our: Corporate Investment Overview. We are also capitalizing on the predevelopment project valuations created from the latest upward market cycle and enhanced by our vertically integrated team.

Thank you again for investing in us and with us. You helped StoryBuilt become well-positioned for future success.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Anthony Siela & Ryan Diepenbrock

Frank. West
North Bluff 3

AUSTIN – Frank. West

Site: 900 S 2nd St, Austin, TX 78704

A community of 23 single-family homes and 7 townhomes set in a grove of mature live oaks. Located just west from our successful Frank. Condo project in central south Austin.


AUSTIN – Lucy.

Site: 3412 Pennsylvania Ave, Austin, TX 78721

27 cottage style single-family homes and a community pool in rapidly growing east Austin. Designed to attract young families and professionals to this eclectic and creative area.


AUSTIN – North Bluff 3

Site: 814 N. Bluff Dr, Austin, TX 78745

The third and final piece in our North Bluff communities. 1 & 2 have sold out. North Bluff 3 is 33 single-family and townhomes with attractive amenities including a private dog park and greenspace. Just 7 miles from downtown Austin.


DALLAS – Meridian

Site: 1229 Clifftop Lane, Dallas, TX 75208

53 clifftop homes in trendy West Dallas. Amazing downtown views. Close to the expanding Trinity River Corridor Project’s hike/bike trails, restaurants and food trucks, and ever-changing neighborhood events.



Site: 102 Tendick Street, San Antonio, TX 78209

43 townhomes in the highly walkable Mahncke Park neighborhood. 1 mile from the beloved Pearl district and 3 miles from downtown. Our architecture team tailored the site for indoor and outdoor living by including a central community greenspace.