Offering Summary

PSW Land Investments, LLC (“the Fund”) objective is to acquire strategic land positions in Austin, Dallas, Denver and Seattle to fuel the company’s growth while providing LP investors with a stable 10% preferred return and well-defined exit strategy.

To that end, the Fund has raised $17,492,000 to date ($7.6MM from limited partners and $9.9MM from StoryBuilt) and invested in five highly desirable urban infill sites with estimated gross revenue in excess of $200MM. StoryBuilt’s own investment of $9.9MM in the Fund is a strong testament to the company‚Äôs belief in the long-term value of these assets.

Investment Terms

  • Up to 10,000 Class A units at $5,000 per unit
  • Minimum 10 units ($50,000) per investor
  • Company may acquire property for one year after admission date of first Class A member
  • Preferred Return – 10% per year

Net Cash Flow Distribution

Net proceeds from sale of property to be distributed in the following order:

  1. Repayment of any loans from members
  2. Payment of accrued but unpaid pref from prior property sales;
  3. Repayment of contributions plus pref allocable to the purchase of that property;
  4. Repayment of PSW Real Estate for amount contributed to purchase of property;
  5. Remainder is retained by the company. 


PSW Land Investments, LLC

Josephine SouthSeattleMulti-Family1.1
Ellie MayAustinMulti-Unit4.8
Thornton AssemblageAustinMulti-Unit3.1

Josephine South
Ellie May

SEATTLE – Josephine South

Site: 5256 Rainier Ave S & 5217 42nd Ave S, Seattle, WA


Updated: 20 August 2021 | 3:00pm CST

  • We continue to work with our potential limited partner through the due diligence phase. Timing is still on track to begin a H2 21 ground break.
  • StoryBuilt plans to be the GC on the project as our construction team brings on experienced team members to navigate us through this exciting time.
  • We closed in early Q3 on a key parcel to complete the assemblage for the Josephine masterplan.


AUSTIN – Ellie May

Site: 755 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702


Updated: 20 August 2021 | 3:00pm CST

  • Entitlements and permits continue along, we’ve received garage building permits and anticipate to receive remaining permits in mid-late Q3 / early Q4.
  • Timeline of breaking ground, and garage starts are 3-4 weeks after securing funding.

AUSTIN – Thornton Assemblage

Site: 2413 Thornton Rd, Austin, TX 78704


Updated: 20 August 2021 | 3:00pm CST

  • Planning for the first neighborhood meeting the first week of August to discuss entitlements and zoning.
  • Finance team is working on recapping the site, taking advantage of the recent increase in land value to find better rates and value for the project.
  • Market data to support this can be seen right next door at Thornton Flats.
  • Our lease renewals for August and September have seen average increase of 28% lease over lease (with the average lease over lease growth at 15%) for our one bedroom units.