Invest With Us

We sat down with some of StoryBuilt’s team and asked them to talk about what we do, who we do it for, and what the future looks like for us. This video captures the excitement, the thought, and the care that our team has for our work.

Why invest with StoryBuilt? It’s clear. Every team member has the drive, the ambition, and the care for our markets that give us an immediate edge. 

We do everything in-house. We believe in our story. We’re here to help people live where they love – and that includes many of our team members. 

Our growth in the last year is a good indicator: we’ve brought on talent from all over the country. New team members are ready to meet challenges with us, and chose us as a place to make their mark. 

Investing with us looks like a lot of things. Investors can choose how and for how long they want to invest. Reach out to our Investor Relations team and start the conversation today. We can’t wait to meet you.